May 2012 Offerings: Boulder Sex Therapy May Newsletter
Thanks!This month’s newsletter begins differently. Instead of highlighting an event, I am beginning with thanks and appreciation to all of you that have read my newsletters and have shared these with clients. Thank you! It has been truly helpful and I am grateful.What has also been helpful has been the support clients have received in exploring their sexuality in the form of group therapy. Group therapy for sex and sexuality? Sounds scaring. I believe that is true. The courage that it takes to approach a group of this sort is rewarded with the tremendous benefits and support from the community that is formed. To find out further benefits of groups, check out his link:

The need to feel connection with others is powerful. Thank you for your connection to Boulder Sex Therapy.

Warmly, Tara

Free Lunch time, May 8th THIS MONTH ONLY TALK STARTS AT 1PM.

Incompatible desire: What’s a couple to do?

Based on the work of Barry and Emily McCarthy, authors of Rekindling Desire, I will be speaking about sexual desire discrepancy in long term relationships and ways that intimacy can be developed to combat desire issues.  Bring your questions and please join me for an engaging discussion. Open to all.

Contact Tara at 303.544.1400 or

2-Day Workshop
Intimacy, Relationships and Tension Release Exercises

Date: July 14th and 15th, 2012
Location: Boulder, Colorado TBD
Investment $249.00

“Measurable stress has literally doubled in the U.S. since 1990. Currently, 1/3 of working adults have high blood pressure. Over a million people miss work each day, all due to stress”.

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed out connecting to the ones you love feels impossible? Is it no wonder that the U.S. divorce rate is nearing 50%?

The TRE consist of 6-8 minutes of moderate exercises. After lying down on the floor, tremors begin to travel up and down the body resulting in a deep and tangible sense of relaxation. During our time together, we will begin exploring the connection between these powerful exercise and how we are (or are not) able to be intimate with others. We will use the TRE, group exploration, and discussion to unfold our capacity to love more fully in our daily lives.

Free Lunch time talks

Second Tuesday of the month

Please join me for my 2012 schedule of free lunch time talks. They are open to all. Please bring your questions, comments, concerns, and your business cards, as there is always an opportunity to network. Delicious snacks provided.  Please R.S.V.P. to
June 12th

“Loving Beyond you and me: Polyamory 101”
July 10th

Five Things Every Therapist

Needs to Know About Sex


August 14th 

“What is Sex Therapy?” for the lay person

Four weekWomen’s Group 

Four week therapy group focusing on women’s sexuality for women.


This a closed group and is didactic in nature.  It will cover psycho-educational information as well as sensate focus exercises. Topics included:

  • body image
  • breathing
  • relaxation
  • self-touch
  • masturbation
  • self-pleasure
  • healthy relationship with others.

If you are concerned about a decrease in sex drive, there are lifestyle changes and sexual techniques that you can learn to improve your desire and your relationship. Come learn what you can do in a safe, professional setting.


The group costs $45 per hour and a half session for a total of $180 for four weeks. Up to six women.
Schedule a free consultation to find out if this group is for you.


Contact Tara at 303.544.1400 or

New groups forming.


Tara Galeano, M.A., L.P.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor Certified Sex Therapist



Tara Galeano, M.A., L.P.C. is a licensed professional counselor, certified in marriage and family therapy, board certified in sexology, and a certified sex therapist Tara specializes in working with adult individuals, couples, and groups focusing on sex therapy and relational counseling.

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