Approach talking to your teen about sex actively

As part of our series, Top Three Tips to Talking to Your Teen about Sex

Tip #3  Approach talking to your teen about sex actively

Spring is in the air.  What opportunities are arising today that provide you with an  opportunity to speak with your teen about sex?  Let me give you an idea of how to approach sexuality actively in your everyday life.  My favorite way is through media; magazines, movies, t.v., and computer games all provide fodder for a good conversation.  Remember the last movie you watched with your teen?  What about the love scenes or a relationship that developed between characters?  Ask your teen what they thought about these  images.  Talk to them about the development of the relationship.  Remember this is just a conversation about fictitious characters, which is generally easier to speak about then real life.  This conversation  may go some place and it may not.  The point is just to connect with them about their thoughts and ideas about sex; to get them thinking and hopefully, talking.  Your teen may be surprised that you want to know what they think.  They may not have anything to say.  That’s fine.  The idea is to normalize these conversations and make them digestible.  They may be brief or they may be more involved. Try it and see what happens.

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