Less is better than more – Talking About Sex With Your Teen

As part of our series, Top Three Tips to Talking to Your Teen about Sex

Tip #2  Less is better than more

Again answer what your teens are asking- I just want to reinforce that from yesterday’s tip.  You don’t need to do an information dump because you feel the moment for the Big Sex Talk has arrived.  The Big Sex Talk is a fallacy.  More conversations will happen, they need to.  This Big Sex Talk is one of many conversations; that makes it digestible.  It gives your teen something to think about, reflect on, and at a later time, ask more questions.  For yourself, take a deep breath and relax.  You’ve got time.  Remember less is better than more.
Often times I hear stories of parents or trusted adults who want to talk to their teens about sex and sexuality but they’re really quite anxious.  What do you think happens?  TMI and once that happens, you can’t take it back.  Don’t tell your teen every mistake you made in explicit detail or glorify any past experiences.  Save your nostalgia for other adults.  Just give your teen the information they need so they can make their own informed decisions based on the values and beliefs you have already instilled in them.  They haven’t forgotten them and this just may be an opportunity to remind your teen of your family’s values and beliefs, as they are exploring the world around them.

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