Meet Your Teen Where They Are At – Talking About Sex

As part of our Series, Top Three Tips to Talking to Your Teen about Sex 

Tip #1 Meet your teen where they are at

That means answer the questions that they are asking, not necessarily what you think they ought to know.  Meet them in a way that they understand what you are saying by being clear, direct, and asking if you are making sense.  It really is okay to ask the latter, your teen will really appreciate your humbleness, especially if they sought out the information from you.  I also recommend that you stick to the topic at hand.  Tomorrow I’ll say more about this with tip #2, but it is best not to dilute topics with too much information, but stick to your teens original concern.

Tip #1 also points to giving your teen information that is digestible.  Are you using language that they understand?  I, personally, am continually amazed at the sophistication of young people today and how much they do understand, yet what a 13 year old can take in is quite different than a 18 year old.  So craft your message accordingly and use language that they understand.

Good luck with tip #1 and remember if you need support you can contact me for a consultation at 303.544.1400.

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