Seeking to recreate that spark with your partner?​

I can help. I support clients to regain meaning in their relationships, to rediscover pleasure, and to nurture the love that’s already there. Committed relationships are a journey of self-growth and development. How you handle the obstacles determine the quality of the relationship. I will help you move toward a more satisfying relationship filled with respect, understanding, and enjoyment.


Bolder Sex Therapy - Female Sex TherapistServices include individual therapy, couple’s therapy, intensives, and customized retreats.

Costs of Services for
Individuals and Couples

50-minute session: $225

90-minute session: $405

For intensive treatment, multiple sessions may be scheduled in a block, up to three hours at a time, up to two blocks in a day, multiple days in a row.

Why choose intensives

When you’re ready to do the work, you want someone to meet you there. I’m here for you.

Relational issues can be complicated and diving into them difficult. Once you’ve gotten into the heart of the matter and you know that you can only go forward, takes time. Allotting that time to focus on your relationship is similar to attending a retreat because the context of your everyday life is momentarily suspended. You can observe the vital aspects of your relationship unencumbered by your mundane life. You can experience what works and what is painful.

Feeling the pain without some real solutions can keep you stuck in the same pattern. Giving yourself, your beloved, and your relationship the time and space to grow and to heal is a gift.

That is what I, Tara Galeano, provide…

real solutions that are sustainable,

meet you where you are at,

and bring you where you want to be with your beloved.

Transformation can happen.

I do not accept insurance for any  services.